PPIE StrategyThe overarching vision of the NIHR Yorkshire and Humber PSRC is to co-produce innovative solutions to make care safer for patients and their families. Key to this is ensuring that these solutions reflect and meet the needs of our diverse communities. This can be achieved by working with and for patients, families, and health and social care staff, grounding our research in their daily realities and the evolving system within which care is delivered. Our PPIE strategy offers the mechanisms by which we can deliver on this, recognising that respectful and trusting relationships are the cornerstones to making effective change. Thus, a second key element of our PPIE strategy is to strive to narrow the gap between the diverse worlds of research and patients, families, and staff through training (across the whole research journey) to enhance transparency, knowledge, skills and confidence. In these ways, our strategy aligns closely with the goals and objectives of our PSRC.

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