Our mission is to embrace diversity and inclusiveness across the research continuum to develop solutions that make care safer for all

We aim to create a team culture that embraces diversity and inclusiveness and embeds these principles throughout our research. We will identify, co-create and deliver high quality safety solutions with our patient and staff communities to benefit the lives of all, including members of protected groups. 

Our key operating principle

To be intentional and accountable in making EDI everyone’s business.

Our goals

  • To continue to build an inclusive and diverse team culture where everyone is enabled to contribute safely and equally fostering a sense of belonging that enhances our ways of working to fulfil our EDI mission.
  • To grow skills and confidence to embed and enact the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the whole research process.
  • To create and deliver culturally responsible, meaningful, and impactful safety solutions with and for communities who are most likely to be harmed or feel unsafe when accessing, receiving, or delivering care.
  • To develop sustainable and inclusive relationships with our local communities (patients and carers, public and health and social care staff) and organisations that are built on reciprocity and trust.

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