Rethinking Safety Intelligence for Improvement Projects

Theme 3: ‘Using data to drive improvement’

We are interested in how healthcare staff and their organisations act on the information that they collect from their information systems. Especially how the different healthcare settings influence the way staff use the information for action.


Project 1: Use of data for safety improvement – narrative review 


A report and updated review of the literature and research databases is needed and will guide us on to how to further develop our work and provide learning for other researchers and healthcare staff.

What will we do?

We will use the results of themes 1 and 2 to map the existing research and guidance to develop a report that describes “the effective use of data to drive improvement”. 


Project 2: Exploring the needs of healthcare staff and developing visualisation models


This is an area of research that has not been as well studied. We hope this will lead to new and updated solutions that will improve how information systems are designed and used to make healthcare safer for patients.

What will we do?

We will use some patient safety and design theories to ask healthcare staff in different service areas what they need from information systems and how they should be designed. For instance, we may propose new ways of helping staff and others ‘see’ or ‘visualise’ data using pictures and graphs. Working with staff we will develop visualisation models that are suitable for a range of healthcare settings and needs. Visualisations may help healthcare staff see things they didn’t notice before and, in the end, make better decisions.


Project 3: Action research and evaluation of the processes behind the implementation of soft intelligence frameworks and tools

We will work with different groups of healthcare staff in their healthcare settings to study how they are able to set up and use information systems that use soft intelligence. We will also use the guidance and frameworks we have developed to help us work together with staff to make sense of the data or signals that we see from the information systems.