Research team

Dr Carolyn McCrorie, Ciarán McInerney, Dr Jonathan Benn


What are we doing?

“Micro-narratives” are fragments of stories or small descriptions of experience that carry some special meaning for the originator.

Within healthcare and other safety-critical sectors, multiple approaches have emerged for monitoring and control of quality and safety in operations and services, based upon routine surveillance and incident reporting. Yet the opportunity of using a human sensor network to provide real-time intelligence on the current state of the system and its environment, through spontaneously-generated narratives that capture the salient experiences and perceptions of staff engaged in the daily process of care delivery, has yet to be explored.

Digital technologies based on mobile and internet platforms are emerging to facilitate micronarrative capture, interpretation and feedback for decision making.

Our research comprises investigation and proof of concept evaluation studies of promising technologies for micronarrative capture and feedback in multiple health service settings.  Specifically, we are interested in whether staff narratives can enhance our understanding of patient safety and resilience in health care systems, along with understanding the potential to inform organisational learning.


Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

Working in collaboration with the PSTRC PPI&E infra-structure, we will disseminate early findings across patient and public forums.


Outputs and impact

  • The outputs from our evaluative case studies will include local service reports for NHS partners, including local dissemination of findings as required;
  • Academic publications as stand-alone case studies or combined with findings from the broader programme of research into micronarratives within peer-reviewed publications and academic quality and safety forums;
  • Activity and findings reported to NIHR as part of annual report for funding body for the PSTRC;
  • Dissemination of findings from broader research stream via PSTRC dissemination networks and in collaboration with local NHS partners.


Contact for more information

If you have any questions about our Micronarratives research, please contact Dr Carolyn McCrorie.