Research team

Ciarán McInerney, Jonathan Benn, Dawn Dowding, Ibarhim Habli, David A. Jenkins, Dr Carolyn McCrorie, Niels Peek, Rebecca Randell, Richard Williams, Owen Johnson



We are leading a series of workshops to explore the interaction between emerging digital health technologies and patient safety. These workshops are aimed at developing a stronger, multidisciplinary framework for safety informatics.


Design of the workshops

We are collaborating with experts in safety informatics invited from established leading Patient Safety Research Centres in the UK, and with the national and international expertise community of digital health researchers and practitioners.  Our workshops feature a full-day programme with attendance by invitation only, hosted by participating Research Centres.

The format is tailored to the by the host Centre to get the most from the day. The focus is always identify evidence gaps and develop theory to support future research and development.



Workshop themes subjects

Understanding the issues involved in the interaction between emerging digital technologies and patient safety requires a multidisciplinary perspective in order to identify and develop potentially valuable research themes.  We propose four initial themes for discussion, though new ones may emerge from the early workshops:

  • The novel challenges that new and emerging digital technologies pose for patient safety
  • The implications of contemporary safety theory (Safety-I and Safety-II) for digital innovation
  • Sociotechnical evaluation of digital technologies and their implementation for safe and reliable care
  • Digital technologies for improving patient safety



Outputs and Impact

  • We have completed the first two workshops, which focused on meetings the challenges of emerging digital health, and on the use of decision-support tools in primary care.
  • We have published a report from the first workshop.
  • We have recorded a video summary of the output the first workshop.


Contact for more information

If you have any questions about workshop series, please contact deputy theme lead Owen Johnson.